Choosing a Wall Lantern

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Published: 16th May 2011
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When looking for a creative way to spice up your home, why not consider getting a wall lantern. For indirect lighting indoor and out, a wall lantern can offer a variety of options as well as match any style you are trying to create. Even coming across a salvage or vintage wall lantern can add an eclectic elegance that is sure to be one of a kind. A big, strong wall lantern is best for places with high traffic that may be in danger of being knocked once or twice.
A wall lantern can be found in a modern, an antique, a rustic and an artisan style, just to name a few. No matter what your budget is, you are sure to find a wall lantern that fits your price point as well as your personal style preference. Knowing your lighting needs is the most important thing to think about when you begin looking for a wall lantern to purchase. Outside, a wall lantern can be attached to your siding, a fence post, a deck post, or even a garden wall.
On porches, a wall lantern is commonly placed on either side of the door, and adds an inviting look to any interest. If you have a flower garden, nothing looks better on a warm summer evening than a wall lantern emphasizing the beauty of the flowers. An outdoor wall lantern can even be set on a timer so it will automatically be turned on when you arrive home on a late night. You must decide if your wall lamp is primarily for lighting purposes or for style purposes.
When looking for an indoor wall lamp, it is important to decide which wall you would like to have it on, and if there is electricity available there. A wall lantern on the inside of a walk in closet will instantly boost your mood as you choose your outfit for the day. If you have inadequate lighting in any room, a wall lantern will add the boost you need in order to see clearly.
Installing a small vintage wall lantern on a headboard can really vamp up the class in your room. In your home it is appropriate to use a candle or oil wall lantern that will not need electricity and also give off romantic flickering lights. This handy type of wall lantern can be places anywhere you want because it does not need an electricity source.
A wall lantern is a fun purchase that should be shopped around for in order for you to see the variety of products available out there. You can match or contrast the style in any room with an intricately designed wall lamp that is either electric or will hold a candle. Try wallpapering a room with vintage wallpaper and lining it with a variety of crystal wall lamps. Fluted rims and frosted glass are classic looks that should never be passed over when looking for indoor or outdoor lighting. Just make sure that the lighting you choose will fit in the room it is intended for.

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